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​​​​​Family Recruited Employee Responsibilities

​Step 1: Apply for employment by completeing and submitting:

  • Online application and background check release form (FRE Program Manager can provide access to a computer).

  • Call the references listed on the release to let them know a company called Intellicorp will be contacting them to obtain a reference. This will expedite the background check process.

If the results of the background check do not meet Imagine!'s hiring criteria, the FRE  Program Manager will inform the potential FRE and family that this individual is not eligible for hire.

If the results of the background check meet Imagine!'s hiring criteria, the potential FRE will be contacted to meet with the FRE Program Manager to complete the new hire paperwork.  

Step 2: Interview to complete new hire packet and review additional information pertaining to department guidelines:

New hire paperwork, including but not limited to:

  • Accurate and signed I-9 Form along with the Required Identifications for Work Authorization
  • Confidentiality Forms
  • Copy of the FRE's driver's license & proof of adequate auto insurance (coverage must be a minimum of $100,000/person in the vehicle and $300,000/accident) for the vehicle that will be used
  • Child Protection Investigation Form (if applicable)
  • Declaration of Influenza Immunization form

The FRE will be contacted within three business days of the hire appointment by the FRE Program Manager with their employee number. Obtaining the employee number is necessary to access:

  • The Dayforce self service website to complete the w-4, add in emergency contacts and, if applicable, submit direct deposit information.
  • The eSSentials website to complete the online trainings required of all Imagine! employees.
  • The Dayforce website to enter time worked and contact note information.​

Step 3: Upon Receiving their employee number, before providing any face to face services, the FRE must access: 

eSSentials, to read online trainings and complete competency evaluations, including:
  • Confidentiality
  • Mistreatment - M/A/N/E - Mistreatment, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
  • Rights
  • Federal False Claims Act
  • Disability Etiquette
  • Infection Control

NOTE: The FRE must contact the FRE Program Manager when the seven initial trainings have been completed. No work with individuals will be allowed until the new hire meeting has taken place, the seven initial trainings have been completed and authorization is given by the FRE Program Manager to the family and FRE.

Dayforce Self Service, which provides access to:

  • W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Submit automatic payroll deposit information (if applicable)
  • Dayforce Online timekeeping system for logging hours and contact notes
  • Contact the FRE Program Manager with any issues to be resolved before the 1st payroll is due.

ep 4​​​​: Begin providing face-to-face service: 

  • Complete all additional required Imagine! online trainings within 30 days of receiving the employee number.
  • Complete all required live training within established timelines discussed at the hire appointment.
  • Agree on work duties with the family member/FRE Program Manager and create a work schedule that does not exceed 40 hours a week.
  • Provide services as designated by the individual's Plan of Care. (Employees cannot be reimbursed for attending Individualized Planning meetings.)
  • Report services delivered and hours worked every week as noted on the payroll schedule.
  • Complete and submit incident reports as required.

Out & About is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.