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​ ​​​​​​Family Member Responsibilities - Getting Started

Prior to sending the potential FRE to Imagine! for the hiring process: 


  • Contact the Case Manager or designated contact person to confirm the services and hours authorized in the Plan of Care for the family member.

  • Work with Case Manager to identify supports provided by other agencies to ensure there will be no overlap in services. FRE's cannot provide any supports considered skilled care.

  • Assure the Service Authorization information received from the FRE Program Manager matches the information in the Plan.

  • Select and recommend the potential FRE to the FRE Program Manager.

  • Instruct the potential FRE to complete Imagine!'s online application and background check release form.​

  • Instruct potential FRE to call the listed references to let them know a company called Sterling Infosystems will be contacting them to obtain a reference. This will expedite the background check process.

After Employee Has Been Hired

After Imagine! has hired the Family Recruited Employee:


  • Provide instruction to enable the FRE to deliver person specific services.

  • Collaborate with the Case Manager, FRE Program Manager, and approved FRE to establish a service delivery schedule that fits within the approved Plan of Care and Imagine!'s payroll parameters. FREs are not permitted to exceed 40 hours per week.

  • Communicate with the FRE Program Manager and FRE to ensure that hours scheduled and worked match the approved Service Authorization information and do not exceed 40 hours a week. (Scheduling of employees over the limits set in the service authorization may result in the family no longer being able to utilize the program. If the approved hours within a category are unclear, contact the Case Manager or designated contact person.)

  • Assure that the FRE submits time worked and contact note information to the Dayforce Timekeeping System every week as noted on the payroll schedule.

  • Verify services and hours by reviewing the monthly reports sent by the FRE Program Manager or Administrative Coordinator.

  • Contact the FRE Program Manager within 3 business days if the dates, times or services logged do not match the services delivered.​

  • Report any problems with the FRE promptly to the FRE Program Manager.

Other Important Information​

****Information on Influenza vaccinations:

  • At hire, Imagine! will provide FREs information outlining the benefits and risks of influenza immunization, provide community resources on the availability of influenza immunizations and provide information on the importance of adhering to standard precautions.
  • FRE Program Manager will ensure families, individuals receiving services and employees establish sound practices for preventing the spread of influenza during, including cancelling shifts, if any party involved is experiencing the onset of influenza symptoms.

***Information on skilled vs. unskilled care:

  • FRE's are not permitted to provide any supports considered skilled care.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Wound care
    • Suctioning
    • G-tube care or feeding
    • Transfers

***Information on Respite services:​

  • Clients can receive no more than 10 hours of Respite from all providers combined within any 24 hour period. (This includes O&A summer camps and all services billed under the category Respite.) It is the responsibility of the monitoring family member to ensure that scheduling does not exceed this limit per any 24 hour period.

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