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What is a Family Recruited Employee?​fre_1.jpg

A Family Recruited Employee (FRE) is someone who is recruited by a family to provide supports to an individual receiving funding through Imagine! This is a partnership that works best with clear communication among the individual, family, employee, and Imagine!. 

FRE's must be 18 or older.

Families can request that someone be hired by Imagine! to provide services for their family member receiving funding through Adult Supported Living Services, Children's Exte​nsive Services and the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program.

Imagine! is the official employer and has sole discretion with regards to hiring and employment decisions. Employment with Imagine! is at-will. Employees have the right to end their work relationship with the company, with or without advance notice for any reason. The company has the same right.​

Resources for Finding a Family Recruited Employee​



Some resources for finding Family Recruited Employees are:​

  • Trusted family members and friends of the family.​
  • Word of mouth through current providers
  • Craigslist
  • Local newspapers
  • Job boards at local colleges and universities
  • Community groups in which you are involved such as religious and civic groups

Please note: 

Imagine! is not involved in the recruitment of FRE's.


Becoming a Family Recruited Employe​e


​To become an Imagine! FRE, an individual must meet Imagine!'s employment and training requirements.  

Utilizing a computer (PC with Internet Explorer) is a requirement for this position. All employees are required to:

  • Have an active e-mail address in order to complete the application online.
  • Submit the employment application, enter W-4 information, direct deposit information, and obtain pay stubs (if applicable) online.
  • Complete reading trainings and competency evaluations online.
  • Maintain current contact information, marital status, and number of dependents online.
  • Continually enter hours worked and contact note information online. 


The Family Recruited Employee (FRE)​ Program Manager is Imagine!'s supervisor for Family Recruited Employees. The FRE Program Manager is responsible for employment arrangements for Family Recruited Employees.

Contact Imagine!'s FRE Program Manager:

Jennifer Sallee: jsallee@imaginecol​ or (303) 926-6468

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