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Imagine! Responsibilities as Employer


Imagine! is the official employer and has authority to begin and end the employment relationship.  Imagine! will:

  • Provide information and forms to the family and employee to complete the process of becoming a Family Recruited Employee.
  • Conduct required background and reference checks to determine if the potential FRE meets Imagine! employment requirements.
  • Create a personnel and payroll record for the FRE to activate employment.
  • Verify authorization to work in the United States.


Imagine! is the official employer and has authority to begin and end the employment relationship. Imagine! will:

  • Authorize employment to begin on a specific date based on Imagine! employment requirements.
  • Process payroll for the FRE.
  • Supply standard required employee training.
  • Supply Dayforce timekeeping information and standard job specific reporting forms.
  • Maintain personnel records.
  • Process payroll and related taxes and benefits; including Income Taxes, FICA Social Security and Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and Worker's Compensation Insurance.
  • Provide pay in the form of automatic deposit or a paycheck according to the payroll schedule.  Hard copy paychecks and pay statements are available at Imagine!'s Dixon Building, 1400 Dixon St., Lafayette, CO, on payday only. Pay statements can be accessed through Dayforce Self Service.
  • Issue an annual W-2 based on wages earned in the calendar year.
  • Provide and coordinate Worker's Compensation Insurance, if needed.
  • Provide information on the risks and benefits of influenza  immunizations

Additional Notes​

  • The FRE Program Manager is not authorized to access Dayforce for any reason under any employee's name to print out pay statements.  Imagine! encourages FREs to participate in Direct Deposit and  obtain their pay statements via the Dayforce self service website.  If the FRE is unable to obtain their pay statement via self-service, please contact the FRE Program Manager to make alternative arrangements.
  • The FRE Program Manager is not available on the days time and notes are due to trouble shoot any issues that may come up with Dayforce. Employees are expected to take time in the week prior to the due dates to get hours and contact notes into Dayforce so the FRE Program Manager can be available to address any issues that may arise.​

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